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Thread: Custom Mauser action in 9.3x62.......lefty (sorry)

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    Custom Mauser action in 9.3x62.......lefty (sorry)

    OK heres the plan, I'm thinking of getting a custom 9.3x62 calibre in a Left hand Mauser action. I've done a bit of reading about this calibre and i know that its fairly popular on the continent for driven boar. The rifle is will be used for driven boar, african plains game and the odd red/fallow over here. Could someone please let me know how they get on with this calibre and any comments with rifle set-up (maybe PKL as i think he has built mauser rifles).

    Could only find one place that does a left hand action from these guys

    in essence im also looking for someone to build this for me so any suggestions.



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    Thanks for that link. Stunning!

    I'm sure this chap would build your rifle:


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    Lots of info on the 9.3 x 62...Have a look in the thread below!

    Your only "problem" is getting it cleared for use in UK. This, even with the new HO guidelines, seems to be a great variable across forces!

    Performance wise.....Awesome! I've used it on boar and plains game to very good effect. Norma do 232 and 285/286 hunting loads and a 232 FMJ for zeroing and "practice".

    Lovely action to build it on!

    Good Luck!

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    That's a good looking quality action.

    Here's a link to the info on the 9.3x62 in case the 'other thread' moves before you come back.

    As Dorsettaff has stated, some FLDs can be a bit snotty about 9.3 and other larger than the norm calibre chamberings, so it's just as well to be fully prepared when making an application. The new HO Guidance is quite helpful with this as, in addition to the section(s) on using 'dangerous game' calibres on deer/boar in the UK, it now includes the following which can be put forward to your advantage:

    13.9 A certificate holder may shoot any quarry that is lawful (where they are authorised to shoot). Whilst guidance is provided, it is the responsibility of the shooter and the shooting community to know what calibre is suitable for which quarry, and when certain quarry is lawful (including the need to obtain or rely upon a licence from the relevant licensing authority to permit the shooting of protected species). Once initial “good reason” has been established for the possession of a firearm, there is no requirement for “good reason” to be demonstrated for additional quarry species or amendments providing the firearms are not underpowered for the species (see also paragraph 13.17). A cartridge should be capable of achieving a humane kill, and it is the responsibility of the shooter to ensure that any excess energy will be absorbed by the backstop. The “any other lawful quarry” condition (which also covers protected species that the certificate holder is licensed to shoot) should be applied. If an applicant is suitable to hold a firearm certificate and is deemed safe to do so, there is no requirement to restrict the quarry they shoot by the use of conditions.

    Good luck with it.
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    There is a lefthanded Zastava M70 available. As close a copy as possible to the famous commercial FN actions. Buy the rifle, use the action, bin the rest and it wil be a lot cheaper than any other. Winchester Mod 70 also has been available lefthanded.

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    Greetings Sir!

    Yes, indeed. The good thing about the 9.3x62 is it fits in a standard M98 action as the cartridge length is similar to 30-06. That said, a magnum receiver would do no harm and would give you excellent flexibility in re-chambering to other ‘big’ cartridges in the future; however, magnum actions are, as usual, very, very expensive.

    I have spoken to the gentleman in charge of Mayfairengineering a couple of times about his actions, and I am in no doubt he produces very, very fine actions indeed.

    I suspect you would be looking at between 7,500 and 10,000 for the build with decent English walnut, rust bluing, ebony, grip caps, leather recoil pad, hand checkering, etc.

    A, perhaps, ‘cheaper’ alternative would be a left handed Sako L61R action from a finnbear, hard to find, but ‘out there’. These will be great actions for building your project on, and I suspect can be acquired for 400-700 depending on the rifle it sits on currently. That would take your total building cost down to around 4,500 to 7,500 I suspect. I know it’s a big range, but it depends who builds it, the stock blank quality, etc. etc.

    I have to be honest, I am more interested in the 300H&H magnum as a boar, Red/Sika and plains game rifle; but of course, it’s not legal for the biggest African game..nor is the 9.3 either of course..

    That said, Otto’s 9.3 is a great cartridge! If you can set the money aside for such a custom build, you’re going to have a rifle for life you will be very proud of and which will give you many great memories to take with you into old age when you can no longer hunt…a synthetic and stainless rifle I suspect, will not quite give you those same feelings of nostalgia,,but that’s just me.

    Mod 70,,'ok'..IMHO not good enough to justify a custom build like this unless pre '64.., and zastava would mauser, no interchangable parts,,never will be a mauser, never will be an FN...but, a good action, and available left handed too.

    IMHO - if you cannot afford a full custom CNC'd mauser in LH,,consider the zastava AFTER the L61R LH if you can find one...
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    Thanks for the comments everyone this is very much in it's infancy. truly grateful. PKL i hope you dont mind me pm'ing you a question every now and again in the not too distant future.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    There is a lefthanded Zastava M70 available. As close a copy as possible to the famous commercial FN actions. Buy the rifle, use the action, bin the rest and it wil be a lot cheaper than any other. Winchester Mod 70 also has been available lefthanded.
    You beat me to it . The Zastavas are good actions , they can use a little polishing but there aren't any left handed 98 actions out there for what they sell for . I re-stocked a friends in 375 , replaced the bolt shroud with a military issue one and a low swing safety and put a military two stage trigger on it ( his preference ) . It's now his favorite big bore , and he has a few . You could spend more on a rifle if you like , but for the money they're hard to beat .


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    The prices of new Mauser actions are just to high. At least this is my opinion. The prices for handbuild rifles in the UK also are rather expensive. A beautifull handmade rifle on a Mauser action ( right handed) would be build for a lot less here. A friend had a nice 7x64 build , Rigby style. Beautifull wallnut, double set trigger, horizontal safety,..... Realy nice rifle. Slightly over 2500 euro. Somewhere I have a photo, but I don't know how to put it in this forum. In left hand the options are lilited. Either you go for an over expensive action or you go Zastava.
    As you said, with some gunsmiths work , polishing , horizontal safety, etc..... you can build a nice rifle for less than a custom build action on himself.

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