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    Northern Optics

    I have been having problems finding 30mm mounts to fit a 10 year old CZ550 and a couple of folk on here were kind enough to flag up some potential suppliers. Concurrently, I was in correspondence with Graeme at an outfit called Northern Optics (near Dumfries) that I had stumbled across during my own web trawl. His first attempt at providing a solution missed the mark but he quickly followed up with a Plan B and I have just taken delivery of some Leupold bases and rings that do the necessary.

    The problem? Having drilled and tapped curved profile front receiver and flat rear bridge. The solution? CZ drilling and tapping conforms to Remington 700 dimensions.

    In the parlance of the yoof of today I would give a 'big shout out' for Graeme and Northern Optics - for his determination to find a solution (when others shrugged it off as too difficult), his rapid response and turn around of bits, the phone and email up dates to keep me in the loop and just general good customer service.

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    Do you have contact details for Northen Optics
    Sorry put on glases and read contact details Thanks
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