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Thread: Midland game fair

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    Midland game fair

    Any members going to the game fair on Saturday .could we not arrange a meeting place and time to put face,s to name only a thought ????

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    Hi DJC
    PM me your number and we can arrange a meet up place for this Lintran box

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    You can meet Vizslamad and Adamant on the Stalkers UK stand.

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    I am up sat and Cooking fat is on the NGO stand, see comments in the events section. I will be on the Shooting Times stand from 11am as I was one of the lucky winners of the the CIC measuring draw so being shown how to measure heads.


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    Anyone know where to find a list of trade stands, especially Gunmakers row. I have looked on the site but no joy.
    I suppose it is like last year, they don't tell you who is there as choice is so poor, you probably wouldn't bother.


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