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Thread: Anyone else had bad experience with LEE Precision Products & customer service?

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    Anyone else had bad experience with LEE Precision Products & customer service?

    Not sure if anyone else has had bad experience with this lot, but my mine has been terrible and I would not encourage anyone to waste their money on LEE products…….

    Purchased a brand new LEE loadmaster (circa £295) – received it open box with parts missing. Was sent a replacement – it arrived with 2004 date on box and 2004 catalogue inside. Needless to say I sent back the 10 year old stock. Then purchased from another LEE distributor CDSG Ltd (would advise to avoid – guy has no manners and poor service) was sent a brand new LEE Loadmaster with a defect on frame. Only became apparent 4 weeks later after I set it up and started to calibrate it. Basically was a tit on the indexer which was destroying the flippers. LEE Precisions solution was for me to file this down and touch it up with paint. Can you believe it – a brand new item that cost £290 and their solution is to file the frame down and paint it? WTF! Emailed the distributor CDSG who refused to replace it and accused me of breaking the press (even though it was working but had a defect), he accused me of been a liar and threatened me with his company lawyers. Common law won and he had to refund my money under sales of goods act. Recently had another defect on their reloading stand, was not holding the press down on the z brackets on the intermediate shelf, no matter how tight turned the bolts. Also a steel base block I purchased one of the 3 bolts that hold the press to the plate snapped like butter. LEE guarantee should replace parts (bolts) they refused and asked me to post them back to the US for replacement.... Moral of the story – If you want to avoid a whole lot of pain with a poor quality product, avoid buying LEE products…… Rather stick to reputable brands and distributors such as Hornady, RCBS, Dillon is what I have learnt from this experience

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    I have been using Lee reloading equipment for over 20 years and never had any problems.

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    im guessing you have been one in a million then, like winning the lottery... as donkey basher said in one of his posts "As for Lee quality... all I can say is look very carefully at each item you buy some is great, like the Auto Prime and the case trimmers and length gauges, other stuff is total carp, presses made from white metal will not stand much use in my experience."

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    25 years using a Lee press never had a problem.

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    Anyone else had bad experience with LEE Precision Products & customer service?

    You said you only paid £100!

    Remember this advice?

    "Personally I would save my money. Firstly, if you are a Newbie please don't be tempted to learn to reload on a progressive press. There is too much going on in order to know when it's going wrong. Learn on a single stage then move on to a progressive. You need to understand what each stage looks like independently and get the basics right.

    2nd I have come to love and hate my Lee 1000. Loadmasters are not really any better and in fact you can buy a 1000 in .223. You will load 90 rounds in your first 50 minutes then spend the next 30 minutes I unjamming it.

    Dillon make a better machine but a 550 in .223 will cost you £550 and that's 3 times the cost of a Lee.

    Lee isn't bad but it's built to a price. Dillon is built to do the job.

    I recommend to everyone starting out to buy a quality second hand unit. Find a friend who reloads and see them do it. Try their kit and see what you like before you take the plunge.

    .223 at 200yards you can use any old kack for. Seriously isn't going to make a hill of beans difference."

    It took me 6 months to get my Lee 1000 running right pulling on everything I know about mechanics and 20 years of reloading. I've now sold mine and bought a Dillon 550.
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    Proper reloading presses should be green!

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    yes I did end up paying £100 from another supplier all together after the CDSG ltd fiasco, the stock I bought was a "new" 2013 model the supplier had removed the bullet feed mechanism and poached some parts from it, since I needed it for 223, the pistol bullet feed mechanism was not needed and at that price would be foolish to say no. I got to check it out before I bought it so I knew what to look out for after all the previous experience I had....
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    The other issue is not just with the quality of the product, it is with poor post sales LEE customer support - so the LEE reloading stand and accessories I also bought had an issue with it holding press and base block in place. LEE website states:
    Replacement Parts
    Posted by on 01 November 2011 11:40 AM
    Warranty (less than 2 years old):
    If your tool is in warranty, you can return the faulty part to the factory where it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Another option for a warranty replacement is to input your contact information on this form and upload a photo of the broken part:
    Our address is:

    Lee Precision, Inc.
    4275 Highway "U"
    Hartford, WI 53027

    LEE actually asked me to post the defective pieces back to the USA, even after I provided photos...
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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    Proper reloading presses should be green!
    No, red is fine!
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    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    as long as it also says Forster on it!
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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