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Thread: Red stag

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    Red stag

    I'm not one for articles or write up's and tend to "keep my head down" but thought I would share this fella with you.
    15 point (1/2 inch 16th point)
    He was part of a 15+ herd that have given me the slip all week. They dont get that big by being stupid!! Now I'm certainly not one for a trophy hunt and the head means nowt to me, but the oppertunity arose so it was taken on this occasion. Seen several "up and comers" in stand alone groups over the last few days so they will now get the chance to breed. May it even induce an early rut??
    The chest shot you see (exited a little far back) was taken quickly as meerly a precautionary measure as I was unsure on the fatality of the first neck shot as it appeared slightly high and towards the lower jaw. No gut or shoulder damage was induced and heart and lung both taken severe trauma and swift recovery so a good result

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    Braw looking beast ff . Still a good keepsake and one to get mounted with a memorable stalk behind it.....well done

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    very well done, and nice beast

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    I bet that was one hell of a drag out!!!!

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    Bonnie animal , we start on stags this coming Monday , hopefully have a few like that
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    Lovely stag. We don't shoot them in the neck as we near the rut because their neck swells so much and it's difficult to then judge where to put the bullet. Two royals holding a few hinds each over here in the low glens, one as wide as the house. A 13 and a 14 pointer in the area so things will kick off quite soon. Haven't been out the back yet where the majority of the hinds live but that will be some sight and sound. How heavy was the stag as a matter of interest? All the best.


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    Thats a fair point about neck shooting scott, and perhaps a lesson learned. Still, a swift second shot so all good.
    Not been weighed yet but will let you know

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    Well done with the swift second shot. I know I tend to see what happens maybe a bit too long after the first shot and feel almost reluctant to fire again. Never had to do it yet but I'm sure I will at some point. He looks a heavy beast.

    All the best,


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