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Thread: tikka and optilocs?

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    tikka and optilocs?

    Can anyone tell me what the lowest optilocs option is for a 30mm tubed 50mm objective scope on a tikka stainless varmint is please?

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    Hi Tony
    I have a Tikka M595 standard SS sporter with Optilocks & a 50mm Swaro 8x50 on it. It isn't a Varmint barrel so there may be a very small difference in barrel diameter under the scope - but not more than a thou or two at the area under the scope, so I think we can "compare". There is 0.053" (53 thou") under my scope and my Optilocks are Extra Low 30mm on standard Tikka base blocks. Soooo you should be ok with the same. --- If you want to put scope covers or Butler Creek covers - these will interfere. I'm looking to get some rubber bikini style rain covers for mine.

    Regards Ian

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    Thanks for that.
    ill get the low ones as I want to put covers on too
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    i can just about get a note between the scope and barrel.
    56mm lens,1' tube and on the low mounts,it suits me fine,and funnily enough the mod doesn't get in the way,
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