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Thread: Please dont look for us........ we are not there........Sorry

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    Please dont look for us........ we are not there........Sorry

    For the first time in ten years Brock and Norris will Not be at the midland Game Fair. Over the last six months supplies of consumables have become increasingly short . Our bullet shelves for the first time in many years have large gaps in them and primers are desperately short. Our suppliers do not have the kit on the shelf so we cannot re-supply our diminished stocks. I am not willing to put an under stocked stand into a show especially when the costs of showing are taken into account. The situation in the trade is such that we are having other retailers phoning us on a regular basis to buy bullets.

    So we took the decision to not do the Midland with all its security issues / high costs and uncertain weather and concentrate on Stevie's indoor event in November at Newark. Yours respectfully Mike Norris Brock and Norris

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    Take it you dont have any Varget......??

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    That is realy sad as its a great opportunity to see you.

    Sadly the MGF is going downhill at an alarming rate and thank godness for the Stalking shows and the Feb gun show, this may well be my last visit to the MGF.


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    I am not going either due to the security issues, its an ever increasing issue,not only for the trade but also for the public,After having a vehicle stolen with goods bought at trade stands.
    MGF should increase security around the entire event areas,not just at the entrance

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    You were there I saw you leaning on a Isuzu ( thanks for the information. )

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