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Thread: Anyone know anything about rotavator engines?

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    Anyone know anything about rotavator engines?

    Can anyone shed some light on what I'm doing wrong/what is wrong with my rotavator. I was given it a year back by someone who didn't need it anymore, I was told that it was in full working order, this was from a family friend who I have no reason not to believe. I didn't start the thing but put it straight into my garage.

    Took it out the other day to start it up, it started but then only ran for maybe, 5-10 seconds befor cutting out. I left it for 2 minutes and it did exactly the same. I've done everything I can think of after googling rotavator starting problems, drained and replaced the petrol, blew through the fuel line, cleaned the carb, checked the needle float, changed the oil and changed the spark plug.

    After doing the above it again will run for 5-10 seconds, cuts out and then has to be left for a minute or so before it will fire up for the next 5-10 seconds.

    I'm not mechanically minded at all but am fairly practical so I'm happy I've put everthing back in the right order, however, the things I've done have been from blindly following youtube videos t=rather than any mechanical knowledge of my own.

    The rotavator is a Honda F315 if that helps - any input/advice greatfully recieved.


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    It might be worth checking to see if the engine has a thermal cut off that it is playing up.

    atb Tim

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    Have you checked the air filter? Also, worth looking to see if it has a manual choke and what position it is in.

    Also, check for low oil (if a four stroke) as some engines have a low oil level cut out. Oil may be border line and when it starts, the oil being pumped round lowers the level in the sump causing cut out. This would also explain the 1min wait before starting again-the oil is draining back to sump again and resetting the cut out.
    Worth a look anyway.

    Hope this helps.


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    What engine do you have???

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    Can the fuel tank breathe? Sounds like a vacuum preventing the fuel from flowing?

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    Also is there a vent on top of the carburettor float chamber - if that is blocked you get this symptom. (I did on my old Sea Bee outboard!) - Another possibility is a blocked filter on the fuel tank petrol cock.


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    It sounds like a fuel problem to me. Have you checked that there is fuel in the carb after it has run and failed and does it have a manual choke for cold starting?


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    Replace the fuel with new fuel and work the choke if the engine sounds like it is about to stop,

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    Thanks for the feedback folks, plenty for me to be getting on with then. Engine is a GX120 model. I've replaced oil and petrol and have checked it's getting into the carb, I've also tried it with the petrol tank lid off to make sure it can breathe. I reckon I'll try the other reccomendations you guys have made before caving in and taking it in for a servce.

    Thanks again

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    Thats a fuel issue if you ask me...

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