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Thread: Has anyone been out looking for mushrooms in the South-East recently?

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    Has anyone been out looking for mushrooms in the South-East recently?

    Hello everyone. It's my birthday today and as a weekend treat, I'd planned to go looking for mushrooms with YPM on Saturday morning. But of course, as always, Nature is totally uninterested in my schedule, and there hasn't been a drop of rain for a fortnight. So the likelihood of actually finding any mushrooms strikes me as pretty low. That said, there's been quite heavy dewfall overnight. Has anyone been out looking for mushrooms in the South-East of late? Is it actually worth dragging a baby into the woods for this? I could fall back on chestnuts and blackberries of course.

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    Seemed to be loads about when I was out at the weekend in Cambridgeshire.

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    The joy of foraging is to get out there with a an ID Book, basket & knife as you never know what MN has in will find something, tis the season.

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    In the particular wood I'm going to, I have a pretty good idea what Mother Nature may have for me: blackberries, small chestnuts and if she's generous, ceps, boletes and forest cauliflower. But if I think back over the years, the mushrooms don't usually start really going until October.

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    Over the years i have found some corkers, that i would have missed without a little pocket ID, so take it out of habit, there may also be quite a noticeable difference in London & surrounding's micro climate, and that of a Hampshire or Wiltshire wood, I have noticed quite a wide range when out.
    nothing beats finding a gem though.

    Main Season
    Field Mushroom edible excellent common
    Chanterelle edible excellent common
    Penny Bun Bolete edible excellent frequent
    Parasol Mushroom edible excellent frequent
    Fairy Ring Champignon edible good very common
    Bay Bolete edible good very common
    Charcoal Burner edible good very common
    The Miller edible good common
    Wood Urchin edible good common
    Giant Puffball edible good common
    Orange birch roughstalk edible good common
    Two-toned Scalehead edible good common
    Terracota Wood Urchin edible good common
    Shaggy Parasol edible good common
    Saffron Milkcap edible good frequent
    Great Wood Mushroom edible good frequent
    Slender Parasol edible good frequent
    The Prince edible good occasional
    Wood Mushroom edible good occasional
    Oak Bolete edible good occasional
    Glistening Inkcap edible very common
    Stump Puffball edible very common
    Shaggy Inkcap edible very common
    Common Puffball edible very common
    Blusher edible very common
    Deceiver edible very common
    Ochre Brittlegill edible very common
    Deer Shield edible very common
    Amethyst Deceiver edible very common
    Honey Fungus edible very common
    Red Cracking Bolete edible common
    Orange Peel Fungus edible common
    Meadow Puffball edible common
    Matt Bolete edible common
    Brown Birch Roughstalk edible common
    Pestle Puffball edible common
    Common Funnel edible common
    Larch Bolete edible frequent
    Mosaic Puffball edible frequent
    Beefsteak Fungus edible frequent
    Lurid Bolete edible frequent
    Hen of the Woods edible frequent
    Scarletina Bolete edible frequent
    Velvet Shield edible occasional
    Early Season
    Wood Blewit edible excellent common
    Field Blewit edible excellent frequent
    Snowy Waxcap edible good very common
    Meadow Waxcap edible good common
    Autumn Chanterelle edible good common
    Slippery Jack edible good common
    Oyster Mushroom edible good common
    Cauliflower Fungus edible good frequent
    Aniseed Funnel edible common
    Scarlet Waxcap edible common
    Velvet Shank edible common
    Crimson Waxcap edible common
    Cow Bolete edible common
    Trooping Funnel edible frequent
    Flesh-Brown Blewit edible occasional
    Late Season
    Chicken of the Woods edible good common
    Jews Ear edible common

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    PM there were a few folk out foraging for mushrooms in the Ashdown Forest around Hartfield way the weekend before last.

    Saw a fair few of what I imagine were inedible ones myself, and an old yellow rotten puffball, and I didnt venture from the paths (young ES is still in a sling!)

    The said foragers seemed to have a few in their bags, for what its worth, and they weren't venturing that far from the footpaths.


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    OK, I'll go out, after all, whatever happens it will be YPM's first time in the woods and should be fun. Maybe I'll cook breakfast out there for my family just for added fun, mushrooms or no mushrooms. And I could finally use that Kelly kettle someone gave me years ago and that I have no use for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    And I could finally use that Kelly kettle someone gave me years ago and that I have no use for.
    let me know if you do find a use for it, I have one just like that too!

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    It's a nice idea, but it's a huge great bulky thing to carry around, especially when one isn't particularly keen on tea!

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    If you need a reference guide but don't want to cart around a book, then this app can be very useful:

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