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Thread: No ducks on my pond

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    No ducks on my pond

    Well its a strange year, driest early september for years, pond is more like a muddy flash but despite a regular feed nothing much about, however this still warm weather is not conducive for duck flighting.

    Watched it on Tues eve till 8:30 pm nowt, only a frog calling.


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    Don't know about where you are,but here there is plenty of food around yet, no need for them to come to the flight ponds, have not started feeding mine yet, but soon probably the end of the month, but I don't shoot mine until November.

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    My wee pond has had more duck in the bag this year than the last three years put together. Never seen so many on the low slow river either.

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    Have 3 ponds around our shoot, 2 of them are packed with duck. Watched the other pond this evening while I was waiting for a fox regularly seen on 1 of the cameras never seen a duck. Was a smashing evening listening to the birds going up to roost, never seen my fox but will be plenty more chances.

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    Plenty of duck on one of the ponds last week. A short evening sesion netted five for two of the lads. We had a flight of teal on our pond at last light and Pete managed to bag one dispite having his 20 bore on the sholder on the strap at the time they passed the tiny pond. Very impresive bit of shooting that



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