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Thread: Profile and Selling Stuff

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    Profile and Selling Stuff

    Can I ask the that Admin team if people are selling things in the Classifieds that they fill in their profile where it states where they come from. I dont think this is an issue with the majority of people on this site, but there are a lot of new members turning up and going straight to the Classifieds section.

    It will provide a little more insurance when people are sending payment for exensive items.

    Other sites do it just to help prevent fraud.



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    Hi Jingzy,

    I set the Location field as required for all new registrations on this new site, so any members joining since we went live on Sunday should have a location filled in. It is also required when people edit their profile, i.e. if they change something in their profile and their Location is blank it will insist on it being filled in.

    I stopped short of making it mandatory for all existing users as that's John and Malc's call really, but suffice to say that it can be done if neccessary.


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    Following a discussion with John this morning we have set it up like this:

    1) All new users registering must have a location set
    2) Users cannot post a new thread/advert in Classifieds until they have 10 posts under their belt, although they can reply to existing adverts

    Hopefully this should encourage a bit more participation in the forums whilst also increasing buyer confidence in the Classifieds section.


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    Well done to the both of you. You have come up with an excellent procedure to follow.

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