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Thread: Iceland grieves after police kill a man ...

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    Iceland grieves after police kill a man ...

    Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history

    Iceland grieves after police kill a man for the first time in its history | Public Radio International

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    That happened 9 months ago. Though, coming from the US where a one man patrol car would have between 3-4 guns in it (pistol, backup, rifle and/or shotgun) the idea of never having a shooting before sounds rather incredible.

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    I have family that are Icelandic and there are Icelandic memebers on this forun but it has never been mentioned. I have been there many times and have taken firearms over to shoot it is very laid back and probably the most easy going (civilised) country to visit. They do not have an army as far as I'm aware only coast guard vessels. One of the safest and dramatic countries going, well wroth a visit.

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    There was a case last year where a police man in an English force fired a shot at a suspect - don't think the guy was killed. In any case, it was reported that this was the first time in the history of that particular constabulary that an office had ever fired a shot in anger. It might have been Lincolnshire.

    It is a record that should be aspired to.

    Even here in NI where the cops are all habitually armed, and there is a fair amount of armed criminality, it is very rare for the cops to fire a shot. I think there have only been two fatal shootings in the past ten years.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Compare two countries :-

    Iceland - the police shoot back at a nutter who is shooting at them & unfortunately kill him. - The population are horrified and traiumatized.

    UK - The police shoot & kill in cold blood a Brazilian electrician (Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes) out of paranoia & confusion. - The population hardly blink!

    WTF !!!!!


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