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Thread: The future of shooting needs your help

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    The future of shooting needs your help

    I have just received this email from SGA and have been asked to pas it on.

    Please read and respond, if you wish your sport to have a future.
    DEFRA’s new “Code of Practice for the Welfare of Game Birds” It appears that DEFRA are about to ban the use of raised laying cages for the production of Red and Grey Partridge eggs. This situation has come about because BASC wish to see the banning of cage systems and have gone as far as writing to MPs asking them to ban all cages for game bird egg production. This goes against recommendations to keep raised units from: the Animal Welfare Council, the Countryside Alliance, the NGO, the NFU, the Country Land & Business Association, the Game Farmers’ Association and The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, whose impartial standing and scientifically based opinions have universal standing. BASC have now launched a campaign to urge shooters to buy British produced game. If it could be produced in Britain that would be fine, but if DEFRA ban raised laying units all Partridge production will come from France. BASC must be brought to task and realise they are there to support their members. Sadly the only way to bring BASC to their senses maybe to vote with your feet.
    This issue was recently addressed in ‘Shooting Times’ and is therefore clearly an issue likely to affect all concerned. Please read the links below and then decide what your actions should be if you are also a BASC member.

    Below a link to the Shooting Times website to view the article;

    Below a letter to send to DEFRA

    Fao Jim Fitzpatrick; as a lifelong Member of the B.A.S.C. I find myself having to contact you to ask you to ignore their representations on my behalf to ban the above systems.
    I would also ask you to support the status quo at least until fuller research and consultations have been made.
    I would point out that presently I am giving serious consideration on whether I continue to support B.A.S.C.who have acted entirely without consultation, it appears as if the organisation has been hijacked by an individual with a particular opinion.
    Please pass this e-mail on to as many people who shoot as possible, Discuss the content of this message with friends also send it by text it is paramount we act now.

    Scottish Gamekeepers Association
    Arran Business centre
    Arran Road
    PH1 3DZ

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    Do not believe the 'spin' put about by other organisations.

    The BASC policy on raised cages for PHEASANTS has been in the public domain for 5 years...and was developed only after considerable consultation and research by BASC.

    Remember its been in the public domain for 5 YEARS.

    Why some other fieldsports organisations have started e-mailing members and sending out press releases stating BASC are against partridge rearing is beyond me!

    It is also interesting that this silly ‘anti BASC campaign’ only started AFTER the consultation had closed!

    If the other organisations wanted to influence the consultation then their strategy should have been to launch their campaigns while the consultation was still going on.

    The BASC reply to DEFRA has been on the BASC web site since December.

    Unfortunately for those who try and put about this scaremongering stuff based on emotion and not fact, is that they only end up looking silly, not least of all in the eyes of politicians and civil servants!

    Last edited by David BASC; 25-02-2010 at 16:29. Reason: spelling!!

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    To be perfectly blunt you say:

    David BASC
    Do not believe the 'spin' put about by other organizations.

    Why should we believe anything the BASC say ?

    Whats so different about anyone else, other than there cheaper to join than the BASC before you jump on your BASC horse ,Ive been a member since the WAGBI days .

    I'm also a member of SGA, SACS and BDS .

    Not "everything" BASC say print or other wise delineate, is gospel
    in any form ,tread carefully before you slag any other organizations off .

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    Way hay here we go again. Can we have a conspiracy theory thread running against the FC and an interorganisation war running in another one simultaneously????? How will we cope?????

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    Quite simple , compare what the other organisations are SAYING BASC are doing and then compare this to the evidence on the BASC web site, our submission to the consultation etc.

    If you want to know what the BASC position on cages or anything else is, then look on the BASC web site, its all there, donít rely on what someone from another organisation says!

    It is crystal clear to anyone who has read the BASC response and all our statements on cages that we are not against partridge rearing, but for some reason some organisations have started saying we are! It is rubbish! As I say our position on the small cages for pheasants has remained the same and been in the public domain for 5 YEARS.

    Trust me DEFRA, MPís Civil Servants and anyone else with their finger on the pulse will be very clear on what BASC has been saying about partridges and pheasants in cages and boxes consistently for the last 5 yearsÖso when someone else comes along and starts making statements that are clearly not what BASC have been saying they are bound to look daft arenít they?

    I am certainly not 'slagging' anyone off, and BASC are not the ones launching e-mail campaigns encouraging people to Ďvote with their feetí and leave their chosen association are we?

    When others start saying stuff about BASC that is blatantly untrue, what do you expect me to do apart for tell it as it is?

    As for everything from BASC being 'gospel' I am not at all sure what your point here is, but we are open and honest about our position on a wide range of issues and publish everything as clearly as possible on our web site, and in our members magazine, what else do you expect?

    Best wishes


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    David the BASC hide when questions are asked and only reply to ones they want to answer you know that and so do most people. They are very political and will jump in to bed with any that will give them more cash. (political prostitution. )

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    You are way off the mark here and anyone who knows me and has seem my posts on various forums over the past 5 years will know I do not hide from any question.

    So, ball in your court prove what you say.

    List here 3 questions that I / BASC have been asked but refused to answer.

    It may take me a few days before I can get back to any reply you post, as I am working this weekend at Newark. If you are going to the Newark show why not come along and ask me face to face, I will be very happy to have a chat with you, or any other member of this forum for that matter.

    Secondly, our stance on pheasant welfare has nothing to do with making money Ė its about protecting the future of shooting, we cannot see how rearing pheasants in cages so small that they have less room to move about than battery chickens is good for shooting.

    Finally, I would love to hear your definition of political prostitution, letís hear it.



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    From what I have seen/read lately and in the last few years on these forums David BASC doesn't shirk from any questions and what he [and others from BASC on another forum] have said over the past few months has remained constant and is supported by what is on their website....

    Game shooting [birds anyway] has never been my thing, just 'cos i prefer the single shot/stalking rifle type shooting, or working with dogs. The debate about which group to join has been going on for years and will still for years to come i am sure, it is very much a personal thing as to which organisation you chose.

    what i have noticed in the past few months is the apparent division between shooting organisations, which can only further the ends of the anti countrysports lobby. I would question why those other organisations have made an issue of this in a public way rather than sorting it in house.

    dont get me wrong there are some issues i think that BASC could do more to fight perhaps but this issue seems to have been raised maliciously by other groups in an attempt to get more support themselves, but may be damaging fieldsports as a whole.....

    ...only my opinion though....


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    I have been a member of BASC since it used to be WAGBI, when the WAGBI sign used to hang off a building in Watergate street in Chester, so I think I can say with some grounding in the subject, that the organisation as a whole, has always been at the forefront of the struggle, & has never, to my knowledge, shirked any responsibilities, & I for one would not be involved in shooting sports today, without their help on two separate occassions with at least 28 years between each of them.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hightower View Post
    David the BASC hide when questions are asked and only reply to ones they want to answer you know that and so do most people. They are very political and will jump in to bed with any that will give them more cash. (political prostitution. )
    Quote Originally Posted by DavidBASC View Post
    List here 3 questions that I / BASC have been asked but refused to answer...Finally, I would love to hear your definition of political prostitution, letís hear it.
    Come on then Hightower, we're all ears. Why keep us waiting? Can you substantiate your accusations? If not then do the decent thing and apologise.

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