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Thread: torq screw heads

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    torq screw heads

    Has anyone cone across torq screws which are between a T10 and a T15? Having trouble taking the base mounts off one of the rifles, they are Burris bases.

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    Not trying to be funny, but are you sure they are torx not allen headed? Good old wikipedia doesn't record anything between T10 and T15 - which clearly must be right......

    Have been here myself in the past and beggared about for ages only to discover I was using the wrong type of driver - once I had viewed the mangled remains of a screw head under a magnifier.


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    T12 is in the middle, or there abouts.


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    [QUOTE=Hornet 6;848653]T12 is in the middle, or there abouts.

    Neil. [/QUOTE

    Just found some.

    Yeah haggis, it's defo a torq. The ones on the rings are T15s, so I don't know why the bases are not the same.

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