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Thread: Swarovski Personal Ballistic Cam

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    Swarovski Personal Ballistic Cam

    I recently attended the Swarovski event at Calton Moor Range (Derbyshire) to have my homeloads chronographed in order to gather the data required to get a PBC. I was surprised to find on my return home that the Swarovski PCB software requires the bullet speed at 2 distances - exit of barrel and 100yds. At the range day only the exit barrel speed was measured. How do I proceed?

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    There are two ways forward ---

    First find two accurate calibrated chronographs & do your shooting over them at the same time - same bullets being measured at the two specified ranges & use that info to send to Swaro.

    OR Use your already fired short range, chronograph reading & input the measured velocity into ballistic tables along with the BC of the bullets being fired to extrapolate your near barrel chrono measured velocity to predict the longer range value Then send that data to Swaro.

    The first should be more accurate but most people will use the second, single chrono system & be happy with the result.


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    Many thanks. I'll go with the second method.

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