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Thread: Sound Moderator Recommendation?

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    Sound Moderator Recommendation?

    Ive got the Ruger American 243 and fitted it with a Swarovski Hibicht 6x42 scope and now looking for a suitable sound moderator, haven't set a budget as id like to see whats out there first, does anyone have any recommendations?



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    light weight stalking mod or heavier bigger mod with more sound reduction

    light choices seem to be hardy gen 4, atec maxxim and cmm4, roedales
    heavier but generly more sound reduction, good old t8, mae T12 and the jet z's

    personly now ive settled on a custom from one less charlie (8 baffle stainless muzzle mounted) jet z cqb on 223 and hardy gen 4 on my 7mm08. Ive had all of the above apart from the cmm4 and have been happy with all of them

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    You will get a multitude of different answers on this one, to be honest there are no really bad mods out there buy what you like the best, what do I use ? A-tec maxim just because.

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    Aimsonic cyclone or Hardy gen 4 for me.

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    Atec for light, Jetz for bombproof
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    I've got Hardy, ASE Northstar and ASE CQB. Happy with them all but I think the Hardy is probably the best compromise of weight, quality and efficiently. I personally would never have a strippable moderator, especially a Wildcat, as I have seen countless problems but some people seem to like them.

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    Thanks for all the responses i'll look them all up and watch some videos too, cheers!

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    I'm more than happy with a Cyclone plus from Aimsonic, light and effective.

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