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Thread: Shotgun cartridge reloading

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    Shotgun cartridge reloading

    I've been offered some reloading kit for shotgun cartridges cheaply and was wondering what the economics of shotgun reloading are? Is there any financial benefit with it as there is with rifles? I would only use it to reload standard game loadings.

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    It depends a bit on the gauge. If that's 12g, and you would only use it to produce standard game loads, then I wouldn't bother, unless you want to do it simply out of interest.

    For smaller gauges and for non-standard loads it makes sense for the usual reasons - price and variety.

    I got my shotshell reloading gear in order to produce loads I couldn't buy off the shelf: i.e. subsonic 12g cartridges that would throw a good weight of #4 shot (for crow shooting with a moderated gun).

    However, now that Eley make a subsonic load with 32g of #5 shot I've found myself going with the convenience of their factory loading, despite the fact that my own loads give a bit more range and wallop.

    With the onset of the long winter evenings I may well crank up the press again, but in the spring and summer of this year I went through my stock faster than I had time to reload them, discovered the Eley load (introduced since I began rolling my own), and cracked on with that.

    One last observation. The quality of the plastic hulls used in factory loads is for the most part too low to render them to be suitable for reloading, so if you do decide to do the sums, factor in the cost of new hulls as well as the tools and other components.
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    Reloading shot shells really comes into its own for odd ball stuff like wildfowling cartridges & different chamberings. Rolling your own enables you to produce exactly what you need & want for whatever calibre & chambering you want without worrying if you can get at your local gun shop.

    There are good suppliers of shotshell components out there - Small Steve Clarke in Devon & Clay-Game Reloaders spring to mind.

    If you can get the right tooling to meet your odd ball need go for it - Like rifle reloading there is great satisfaction in the work & also in use.

    I reload 12 bore & 8 bore & they work at least as well as factory made stuff.


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    If you are trying to produce cartridges for pigeons or clays, its not worth bothering, on the other hand if you want to produce wildfowling super fast steel or tungsten stuff then yes it is cheaper.

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