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Thread: Ammo for a .22LR

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    Ammo for a .22LR

    I have ordered my .22LR CZ Style with a 20" Barrel, what ammo would YOU use? I have not had rimfire before so don't know much about the ammo, It is Bolt action and will have a SAK Mod fitted, will be used for rabbits and other vermin.

    I have heard all sorts of different things, so would like some guidence please.


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    i've always used winchester hollow point sub sonics mate. found them to knock the bunnies over nicely.

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    .22 ammo

    Every .22lr is diferent, i use eley subsonics and they do me fine.
    The best thing to do is to buy a box of all the makes you can get locally then try them all in your rifle , when you find what it likes then buy as many as you can. If you are using them for rabbits and such you are best sticking to the subsonics.
    Hope this helps, Ezzy.

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    as said above, my brno likes winchester subs, it will not shoot eley bullets to within a 4 inch group at 50 yds.

    try a few brands and find out what it likes best.

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    Eley Plus Subs every time.
    CCI are to be tried with caution, some subs are not, and some HV are sqibs!!

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    Eley subs in my CZ 452 American, killed more rabbits than mixi.


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    my cz brno loves .22 winchester subs too, very quiet and accurate.

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    see link for .22lr zeroing info.

    its abut right for my 16" varmint 452 using winchester and ely subs and cci mini mags.

    zero at 50m, 8" low at 100m

    mini mags (hv)
    2" high at 50m, 4" low at 100m.

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    winchester subsonic for me and my cz. taken some very nice rabbits with that combo, but try a few brands as suggested.
    have fun and straight shooting

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    Wini subs for me too

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