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Thread: Schmidt & Bender: classic variable vs Zenith

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    Schmidt & Bender: classic variable vs Zenith

    Having just bought a classic variable, I was just wondering what the difference is compared with a Zenith: is it just a case of different reticles / shape of objective? Or does it have different glass too?

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    I was told that the technology in the Zeniths is different to the Klassiks, in what way im not sure but the scopes do appear to be different.

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    I had both. Bought a second hand classic (1997) and a new zenith a few years ago. The classic got bdc turrets fitted and a scratched lense was replaced for free by S&B.
    When out stalking with my son we had both scopes along. My take, the zenith is way better when looking towards a setting sun. Less internal reflection.
    Other than that, not much difference.
    Zenith has the option of the flash dot reticule, which doubles as a day light red dot scope. The FD7 reticule is so fine that one can shoot crows at 250yds and with the red dot cranked up works well on running game close up.
    The No. 7 reticule I had on my classic was great for stalking. I was absolutely confident to neck shoot deer at ranges with the scope. The fat reticule worked very well at dusk but was not great for target shooting, load developement or shooting a crows at long ranges.


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