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Thread: BOP Persecution.

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    BOP Persecution.

    It really gets on my goat that whenever a bird of prey disappears there is an automatic presumption of illegal persecution.

    Like many other country folk and shooters, I enjoy seeing birds of prey, they are a natural and integral part of the ecosystem.

    In some corners of the press however, and my finger is pointing firmly towards the RSPB here, there appears to be a tendency to report that whenever one of these fabulous birds goes missing it has been shot, trapped, poisoned or suffered some sort of illegal persecution.

    Often this appears to be based on nothing other than the scantest of evidence; in this case it appears a GPS signal has been lost.. . Surely in the first instance this points towards a technology failure, and in the absence of any other evidence I fail to see why a conclusion of illegal persecution can be jumped to.

    A beautiful bird which deserves the full protection of the law, however the RSPB do themselves no favours with their unsubstantiated random accusations based on nothing other than speculation.

    Rant over.

    Norfolk Constabulary: UK's rarest bird of prey disappears
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    Agreed. I believe the RSPB wet themselves when an Osprey chick went from a nest and if there hadn't been CCTV of a Buzzard taking it then gamekeepers would have got the blame for that too!

    i work with technology every day and have done for 30 years, trust me it goes wrong. In fact that's probably the only thing you can rely on!
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