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Thread: AA RAC etc

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    AA RAC etc

    Tomorrow I need to look into recovery services which I'm not looking forward to as I have to go to the library to use the internet and it will be like a chimps tea party on a Saturday morning! Ideally I want cover for me and my girlfriend in any vehicle that we are in. It wants to be the type that takes you home or on to your destination if they can't fix it.

    Anyone been through this process recently and have words of wisdom?

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    I use Green Flag - cheaper than the other two and are reasonable to deal with

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    +1 for Green Flag.

    Was a member for 5 years before I needed them and then 3 times in 3 months.

    No issues, no renewal hit.
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    Green Flag are good. Unless you live in a densely populated area, where the various companies just might have a patrol to send to you, the likelihood is that you'll get the local garage turning out who act on behalf of whoever you get your service from. That garage in a lot of places has the business for the AA, Green Flag, RAC and everyone else.

    So the difference may come down to price and what their telephone answering is like.

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    I've had RAC, AA, and Green Flag cover as part of insurance policies and (unfortunately!) have dealt with all of them for recovery/roadside repairs. I found them to be much the same in terms of service, speed, etc.
    One thing I wouldnt bother with is the breakdown insurance they're now offering. My father, wife and I had our vehicles covered (AA allowed up to 5 at the "same address") but after a year we cancelled as it didn't cover anything considered consumable or wear and tear items (exhaust falling off, clutch failure, etc) and then went on to specifically exclude the majority of potential other problems like cambelts, dual mass flywheel, etc. Basically reading the small print you were covered against hardly anything.
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    Look at Martin Lewis Money Savings Expert website? which provides good information and the options for you including alternatives to the 'Big 3'.


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    Britannia rescue, great deal, quick and good service.

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    I use Autoaid, you pay a minimal cost to receive breakdown cover.
    They will take you to home or garage, you pay for the repairs and then claim back from them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biffo View Post
    Britannia rescue, great deal, quick and good service.
    +1 The couple of times I have had to use them they have been very good.

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    Great, thanks guys. This is just the sort of advice I was looking for.

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