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Thread: Barnes bullets anyone

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    Barnes bullets anyone

    Looking at getting some Barnes .243 80 GR TTSX BT, has anyone used them / or got a good load for them? Will the meat damage be as bad as the Nosler 70g BallisticTips?

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    I'm currently trying the 6mm 80grn TTSX: not in 243 (but a very similarly sized wildcat), using 38grn of Vhit N140, it comes out at around 3200 fps out of a 24" barrel. I can't really comment on meat damage for this exact bullet, but I've been pleased with the 130grn TSX in 308 in that department.

    Having said that, 3200 fps is possibly a tad quick: what I've noticed with the 130grn TSX in 308 (running at 3300 fps !!!) is that I don't really see a great deal of reaction to shot (maybe it's just me), nor does it seem to 'knock them over'. My theory is that it's a bit too quick and punching through. So whilst I'm confident that the 6mm 80grn @3200 fps will do the job with minimal meat damage, it may not be ideal.

    Another thing to note is that I've had to seat the bullets quite deep: for a throat cut to seat 107grn Sierra MK @ 2.800", I've had to seat the 80grn TSX @ 2.650" (I think, don't have my notes in front of me).

    Sadly Barnes don't make a heavier bullet in 6mm - possibly because anything around 100grn would be too long to stabilise in your average 243 barrel.

    I've just worked up a new 308 load using the 150grn TTSX which I'm hoping will be better than the 130grn...

    I'll report back if I have any luck with my 6mm: it's only my backup stalking rifle because it's a heavy beast whose primary role is punching paper.

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    I use 120 and 140 grain in my 6.5 with 46 grains of Vit N160 . I love it! 120 grain will drop anything in this country!8) Good expansion and minimal meat damage.

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    I have just purchased 100 Barnes TTSX's in 130grn to try in my .270.
    I also notice they will need to be seated quite deep even to mag feed reliably.

    I can't seem to find any .270 load data for them using N160.

    Doe's anyone here have a Barnes manual they could help me out with?

    All the best

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    you need to seat these at .050" off lands and load develop from there.

    Once you have a reasonably accurate load, start altering seat depth, + or - .010" each time or .005" untill you find something that is acceptable to you.

    Ive tried numerous loads using Barnes TSX in 6.5, 7mm and 30 cal, never found what I was 100% sure would give me the accuracy I wanted so I use conventional bullets at the moment.

    Still waiting for some GS customs I ordered from Sloanes in Scotland three years ago......

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    WOW! 3300fps with 130gn in your 308, I can't get anywhere near that, are you using a longer than normal barrel?
    I see from the Hodgdon manual that the closest they can come to that is 3110 and that is with the cup @ 62,000, I would of thought that anything over that would be catastrophic.
    Do these Barnes run at less pressure?

    My only concern in using mono-metal bullets is this:
    They don't fragment like lead core bullets and the manufacturers state 95% BWR, they have less resistance than lead core bullets because they do not deform in the same manner or size.Whatever range you shoot something at and it goes clean through, where does it go and how far does it go?
    I know that bullets do the most weird thing sometimes, and to have one zing off down range at whatever angle it has exited your deer would give me sleepless nights
    I would rather put up with a bit more meat damage than to be sat thinking where did that go!


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    Quote Originally Posted by griff View Post
    WOW! 3300fps with 130gn in your 308, I can't get anywhere near that, are you using a longer than normal barrel?
    I see from the Hodgdon manual that the closest they can come to that is 3110 and that is with the cup @ 62,000, I would of thought that anything over that would be catastrophic.
    Do these Barnes run at less pressure?
    51.0grn of AA2460 fired out of my 22" barrelled Howa - straight from the Barnes loading data, also used a Lee factory crimp as they've recommended. Their pdf says that loading density is 95% which is not what I've found, the load is definitely 100% filled. Primers are well filled out but not flattened, extraction is not sticky... Still, pressure is probably a bit on the high side, I'm not planning to use the load again.

    I've got 5 rounds left, maybe I should send them to the proof house

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    The Barnes manual does not mention N160 for 130 grain .270 loads.

    Their 3 fastest loads for 130 grain .308 loads in a 24" barrel with a 1:12 twist are:-

    3235fps with 56 grains of BL- C(2),

    3222fps with 55 grains of Win 748,

    3183fps with 50 grains H4895

    and their most accurate powder is Varget :-

    3159fps with 50 grains.

    All these are the maximum loads and to start off should be reduced by 10%.

    51 grains of AA2460 as mentioned by Mat is a maximum load with a listed velocity of 3221fps. this could be reduced by 6 grains to their minimum load of 45 grains and still achieve a speed of 2957 and still kill deer well.

    Barnes state that their TSX bullet will expand to twice its normal diameter during penetration. I believe that after exiting a beast a lot of the original energy would be lost from the bullet and in its deformed state it is likely to lose that residual energy quickly and not go to far however I have not done any tests or calculations on these latter points as it is assumed that you would be shooting into a safe backdrop anyway. Not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs here just my opinion,



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    As I said previously, I have personally witnessed bullets do the strangest of things.
    I saw a 7mm rem mag turn 90 degrees through a roe and exit through the haunch.
    I shot from a high seat a fallow only to see another fallow 300 yds to the left also fall over.This myth that bullets continue on a straight course is of course false and to presume or ignore this fact is to your own peril.
    With all the best intentions in the world you ensure your backstop, but to use a load that has the characteristics of mono-metal is asking for trouble.
    Residual energy is more with the mono-metal bullets than it is with lead core.
    Lead core does not have the cutting action as advertized that a mon-metal bullet does..
    The simple question would be how many that use mono-metal bullets have recovered them as opposed to lead core that are often found just under the skin..
    Anyone who uses mono-metal bullets has to aware of the fact that they slice through flesh and bone(as advertized) with ease, while it may not concern some it frightens the **** out of me. I look to go to bed anight thinking on how successful I've been not wondering where that bullet went.

    The military have banned the use of such bullets for this very reason, and i'm sure that their backstops are quite adequate....

    Going back to Mat's comments about getting 3300 with a 130gn bullets, I was not questioning the validity of his claim but the fact as you also have concluded it is well over max.
    especially with only a 24" barrel.
    I would be interested if Mat would come back to us, and tell us if the 3300fps is chronoed or load data..
    While I accept there are some guns that shoot for whatever reason a few 100fps quicker than load data the fact of the matter is that pressure is what dictates max load and 3100-3200fps is max pressure using any powder..
    Better to be pointing it out now rather than sending our condolences..

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    I can't find the bit of paper I scribbled down the figures, but yes it was chrono'd - having said that, how much can you believe the figures: I have heard that Chronys can be a bit optimistic... As I said, I'm not going to continue using this load because 3300 fps is too fast to be effective. Although it is 'hot', I don't believe it's dangerous, otherwise I would have pulled the rounds.

    I think we're drifting off-topic here and probably covering old ground with regard to leaded vs unleaded...

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