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    A tec maxim

    Chaps looking for info on a maxim mod, I have a maxim for my 308 which I like, my question is because it's a take apart mod can I buy and use just the first section ( threaded part)
    i have read somewhere you can buy this part for around 70 quid, this would save me 150 ish on a new complete mod, also would it cat,ch the gases effectively?
    It's going on a 22/250 which I would though would be quite loud

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    You can buy just the threaded part, but this has no baffles in it and is merely the part that the baffles screw to while also becoming another internal space once the baffles screw to it. You could buy that part and then screw the end baffle to it to make a very short and light mod but i doubt it would be that effective. If I get a chance I'll give this a go on my 22-250.
    Why the need for such a short mod or not using the baffles?

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    I use a .30 cal maxim on a 22-250, sounds just like any other moderated centrefire.

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    I had a .30 Maxim on my Sako Hunter .243 and now have a 6.5mm Maxim on my Sako Finnlight .243. I have not noticed any difference in the report. In the past I have used .30 mods on various smaller calibres and they worked fine. I remain sceptical that there is any significant difference, for all practical purposes, in whether one uses a .30 or smaller moderator.

    There are much quieter moderators than the Maxim but the Maxim is a very good compromise between sound attenuation and weight. You can also buy additional baffles for the Maxim that weigh very little.

    With the benefit of experience, I would now not bother with buying another mod' and just use the .30.

    If the new .22-250 rifle has a different thread, then the cheapest option would be to buy the first section of the Maxim only and use the rest of the mod with it. If you take that course of action, you will need to keep the first threaded join well cleaned and greased with copper slip or it will quickly seize up. Jacksons are now advising against stripping the Maxim though. I hope this helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Norm View Post
    If the new .22-250 rifle has a different thread, then the cheapest option would be to buy the first section of the Maxim only and use the rest of the mod with it.
    Or, if you have a good gun smith local to you, just get the rifle re-threaded, to same as you already have. It was quicker, and easier when I had the same issue, and I don't think it was any more expensive.

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