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Thread: South African Trophy Import to UK

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    South African Trophy Import to UK

    Looking for some advice on importing trophys from a plains game hunt last year. The export company have just emailed me to say they have the export documents sorted and did I have an agent in the UK to accept the shipment and clear customs Vat etc. On previous threads Martin Aries at Rainbow Freight on 01784455356 has been recommended, would this still be the place to go, has anyone used them recently.

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    Rainbow are good I've used them twice quite exspensive but good

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    I always use Martin and he is first class, had problems with trophies coming from Zim to SA then to Mauritius (why?) then to london and he sorted all the paperwork , replied to all emails and got the trophies in for me

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    Hi have used these guys for the past 4 years, just awaiting a delivery and back out In October for another trip. First rate company.

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    I have also used Martin at Rainbow,very very good.

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    Thanks guys will be phoning Rainbow on Monday

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