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Thread: Best Personal Safety Tracker.

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    Best Personal Safety Tracker.

    Now looking for even more advice from the wise persons on this fine forum. Fairly urgently need to purchase and get operational a personal safety tracker as mentioned above.Are the "Spot" ones the best? Are they simple - as I am! Is there a better, easier, more effective make on the go?
    Help please.

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    No suggestions guys? Surely somebody uses them.

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    A device to call or text in an emergency when remote & no cell signal?
    I saw one in bushwear catalogue , worked off of satellite .... Was thinking of looking more into it, for when cod fishing off rocks in winter at night as signal poor at bottom of cliff's normally
    Equally good if remote or "on the hill"

    Need to look into it myself again


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    I was supplied with one called Skyguard. Absolute rubbish. Poor quality item. Frequently unable to get a signal even after the sim cards were replaced with roaming ones. The battery only lasted about 7 or 8 hours even after a full nights charge. The man down function never workex when tested and the call centre staff were hopeless. Apart from that it was great!

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    Mc Murdo or something like do one that you activate only if you are in a life threatening situation !

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    I have a spot 2.Had it for a year and its working but not had to send a distress message. I send an OK message every night when I am finished stalking so at least every 24 hours my wife knows I am still alive. I think that function is good because if your away for 3 or 4 days and you fall over and are not able to send the distress at least you may have only been down 24 hours as opposed to a few days. Cant remember what it cost but the subscription is 90 Euros a year.
    Some people might believe a bit OTT to carry such a device but one of the areas I stalk has no mobile signal.
    Google it and you can read all about it

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    I do lightweight hiking and on the hills the most commonly used ones are the SPOT. Can be had for 100 if you look hard enough and the first years subs are included.
    .243 Weatherby Vanguard Synth /.223 BRNO CZ527 Synthetic
    .22LR CZ 455 Synth / 12G Stoeger 2000 / 12G U/O Bettinsoli
    12G Zoli SBS / .410 unknown Italian

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    Hi, Go to the Global telesat site at Satellite Phones Inmarsat Thuraya Globalstar & Iridium . Go to shop page then go to the satellite tracking page, you then get a choice of two low earth orbit satellite systems. Iridium and global star tracking systems.

    you can rent or buy the " de lorme in reach ". from these people .
    The guys on the Arran scheme use the " in reach " system it works , but the subscriptions are expensive if you only want it for casual use.

    the " spot " I think uses the global star satellite , I suggest you read some reviews on it before buying!
    hope this info helps. How long do you want it for and where will you use it?


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    I use the SPOT gen 2.
    Easy to check OK message when entering the ground & a simple one when leaving, off the ground & heading home.
    Lets the wife know where I am.
    It also has the tracking function witch sends a signal every 30 min so if you are unable to check in or send any messages it gives your last location.
    Well worth having in my book.


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