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Thread: Any Mechanics on the Forum? Problem with wifes car.

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    Any Mechanics on the Forum? Problem with wifes car.

    Have we any members who can give advice on a coolant temp problem I am having on wife's Astra 1.6 please?
    It will not get warm and she wants the heaters working in time for winter .
    It has had a new genuine VX Thermostat (70) fitted and the coolant changed. No fault codes or warning lights.

    Many thanks.


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    Check the leads are contacting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Check the leads are contacting.
    Sorry Finn but which leads do you mean mate? Sorry if I am slow on the uptake .


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    Faulty pressure cap not allowing coolant to circulate. Water pump failure?

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    Hi RD.
    It is a strange problem.
    Everything is working fine. Car runs like a dream.
    The astra has no temp gauge so you can only access the coolant temp by bringing it up on the radio display.
    On a motorway bash the coolant does not get above 60 degrees. When stood the temp goes up and the fan kicks in as it should and the heaters are nice and hot. As soon as you get airflow over the Rad when you are moving the temp drops right back. All this pointed to a stuck open thermostat which has been replaced.
    Coolant has been replaced with new too and all bled correctly.


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    Yorkie, Need a bit more info. When you say not getting warm I assume you mean the fan is not blowing hot but the car is running fine and not over heating!
    Is this correct?


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    Ok I have just read the previous post. When standing and the electric fan kicks in does it also stop once the temp drops?


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    Plastic water pump impellor bonded onto steel shaft.... at idle it will circulate enough water to warm up the heater matrix but at high revs the impellor slips on the shaft. It's a common vauxhall problem, well one of them
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    I had this and turned out to be head gasket as no eater in the heater matrix. Just air

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    From experience on older astray there is a small connector on the inlet manifold which would measure the temp. Might be worth checking this or plugging it in to a diagnostic kit to check.

    good luck.

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