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    Another Newbee


    I am the Divisional Manager of a major optics manufacture / distributor in the UK. Passed DSC Level 1 in June of last year, currently in possession of .308 and .243.

    I have already noted some posts about "representatives" giving lectures at BASC / BDS meetings and yes it was I and a colleague, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    I will not be pro-active in advertising the company I work for, but hopefully can help with some questions.


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    Welcome to the site and sounds like an interesting job. Your input will be most welcome in the optics discussions. Look forward to reading some.

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    Im sure you be asked plenty and I bet some PMs will arrive, look for to reading your posts


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    Welcome to the site Mak, look forward to some interesting in depth post's on optics, we all stand a chance of learning something here.

    Bet you end up with a lot for new friends

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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