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Thread: Gun room or cupboard?

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    Gun room or cupboard?

    I'm in the process of doing up an old farmhouse and I have tweaked the plans a bit to give me a small room to keep my guns in. The room will only be about 1.5m x 1.4m when finished. the existing walls are all solid brick, the floor is concrete. I can't decide if I should build it as a secure room or just a normal room and put a big safe in it. 1.5m x 1.4 is not that big but it would give me a dedicated reloading bench and room for about 12 guns.
    What do you think? safe or secure room?


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    Secure room, why not!
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    Secure room, why not!

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    Secure room all ways use it for what ever you like you will kick yourself if you don't but you will be thinking that i guess

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    secure room and get them on the wall. how cool would that be.

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    Agree with all above, go for the gun room.

    The safe might be a slightly cheaper option for now, but you will regret it later on.

    Edited to add,

    If you are concerned about altering the look of the house/ door. Keep the original door in place and erect a secondary internal steel door in the inside of the room.
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    A walk in gun cabinet basically? Good lord, thats every shooters dream isn't it? Steel door, soundproofing, big comfy chair opposite the wall where the guns are (tastefully) displayed, a coffee maker and a small fridge.

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