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Thread: bisley deluxe rifle scope ?

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    bisley deluxe rifle scope ?

    hi does anyone know anything about the above mentioned scope my farther has just given me one its a 6X32 bisley deluxe acording to the box its fully hard coated optics nitrogen gas charged no 6633a and stock no 417 (all off the box ) it has fence and wire retical and i know its at least 20 years old it came on my cousins sako 243 when he bought it second hand about 20 years ago and the guy he bought the rifle off bought it new said he put it on used it and never had to move it all the time he used it im wondering if it has any value or is of intrest to anyone collectors etc its boxed and in good nick for its age any help would be appriciated

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    I think they're Japanese optics from a good while back. I've seen an old 4x bisley on a .222 before and I'm sure it had a Made in Japan Quality sticker on it. It was ages ago though. Something like the quality of Nikko Stirling before they went crappy.

    Some of the old farts on here are bound to know something more about them...I'm going to get such a slap now .

    Can you post a photo? I have a .22WMR that could do with a wee old scope so if you're looking to sell it then get in touch. Otherwise it'll do you well on a small rifle.

    Best, Craig

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    Had one on an air rifle in the 80's cant remember if good or bad

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    Hmmm as I can remember the Bisley scopes as well as the Bently ones that must make me an old fart . The reticle you describe os a Post and cross Hair reticle and if the Post is pointed I suppose it should be a Picket Post and cross hair as they also did a flat topped post and hair on some scopes.

    I have a feeling that 6x32 is a bit small on the objective reall for a 6x scope it might reduce it's light transmission quailties somewhat.

    Now I don't know of anyone collecting these Bentley scopes but that does nto mean that soemone isn't doing so and it's fairly unusal to find the box with these as most were binned years ago. I expect as it has the yellow Japanese Optics institute sticcker it's probably from the 1970's maybe even early 80's but then these stickers wer enot seen anymore.

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    brithunter it does have a pointed post but i can not see a yellow sticker the box is in top order my old man has had it in a draw in his office for years the guy who owned it originally must of been pround of it as he has written his name and address on it for a old scope it has good glass and would be nice on a 22 etc i will try and post some pictures over the wk end if i get chance

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    Hmmm without that round yellow sticker makes it later rather than earlier. I have an ASI 4x32 that I brought new in 1978 to go on the Feinwerbau Sport Model 127 that I brought at the same time. The scope cost 29:95.

    Of course we have to consider that soemone may have removed this yellow sticker as is the case in a couple of my old Nikko Sterling Special 4x32 scopes which would have had that sticker on when new. The stickers seem to be very robust I might add.

    The optics on these Japanese made scopes are actually very good and the 4x32 was very popular for hill stalking. I suspect they considered the 6x32 more of a foxing scope but that is purely my take on it. Back in the 1960's & 1970's a lot of shooters were still using 3x scopes.

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    hi ive just had another look at the scope it says japan under neath the scope but defo no yellow sticker

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    There is also a Nikko Sterling Special 6x32 on flea bay right now but that one has the standard crosshairs.

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