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    Quote of the day:

    Straight from the scouse bloke on 'Come Dine with me' White haired fella (they are all from Liverpool incidently) '' I dont like fur because it harms animals ''

    Exactly how does it do that? Other bloke says ''Suppose if its dead already it dont feel it''

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    Haha just shows a lot of people don't have a clue


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    Awww Ehhh lads, give it a rest eh!

    Saw that programme and that Veggie(Not that there's anything wrong with being veggie) was a complete tit!


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    'Not that there's anything wrong with being veggie'

    Some plants are higher on the evolutionary food chain than veggies...

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    A woman in work couldn't believe it when I told her that deer were Veggies Now she thinks I'm even more of a B$%^$^


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    Just a thought:

    Would a vegetarian eat a venus flytrap...??

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