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Thread: High Seat visitor......

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    High Seat visitor......

    Great morning out in Suffolk with a nice fallow pricket off the sticks on foot, but the highlight has to be the visitor I had while starting of on the high seat; a Sparrowhawk that landed and sat on the moderator on the end of my barrel!

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    Sounds a close encounter. I had a buzzard come to roost in a tree i was up in a high seat. Im amazed what i see some yimes when im out shooting.

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    Had a barn owl land on my mod a while ago , had a couple of tawnys in the past come and share the high seat rail with me
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    Sounds like a pretty idyllic start to any day!

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    Had a Stoat working it's way along a hawthorn hedge, into a gateway where I was resting the rifle on a five bar, waiting for a chicken killer, It popped out into the gateway & stopped stock still staring at me, waited for a few seconds judged me to be of no threat as I was motionless, then proceeded right across my wellies into the other side of the hawthorn hedging!, also had owls coming into the squeaking while foxing, they look really p**ed off when they arrive at about two feet from your face!.
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    Not a high seat visitor, but a few years back on the river bank I had a kingfisher land on my rod. The colours were amazing and to be so close made for a memorable day.

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    you must have nerves of steel wildfly as a few years ago i was sat under a hedge on some flash flood with my shotgun barrel stuck out when a sparrowhawk came down the hedge without me seeing it and when it tried to land on my barrel i totaly shat myself and nearly lobbed the shotgun in a panic

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    That last one made me chuckle, could picture the scene....... Must say I was too surprised to do anything....

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    Whilst sitting in the crotch of a tree with rifle and 35mm camera fitted with a 400mm lense waiting for Roe a Red squirrel came down the tree and sat on my boot.
    A 400mm lense and a chance of the picture of a lifetime at two feet range.


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    Had a fieldfare land on my head whilst evening flighting duck once. (tucked away in the hedge at the side of the pond) Dunno who was more surprised, me or the bird. A special moment however.

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