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Thread: Rifle battery's

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    Rifle battery's

    What's in your battery (safe), for me I have now settled,I don't think I will look for another calibre,So for Bunnies & Fox etc, the Remington .17 Fireball has shone out, for open country Fox or Scots Roe,the Border cut .223 barrel on a Tikka M595 action, throated & twisted for 69 grain bullets, my old favourite a Sako Finnbear, in .270 for general deer stalking, & just in case I get lucky in my old age & land a trip to Canada or SA, or the like, a new to me Finnbear action wearing a Lothar Walther 300 tube, So what have you?
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    Brno ZKK 270win (soon with Boyds stock). For everything. Good for foxes and good for Red stag. Dont need 2,3 or 4 rifles as ill only be using one at a time and then the others will stand and collect dust in the safe.

    I would never hunt anything which is too big for the 270W to shoot anyway.

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    I have this in my safe:

    .22LR for plinking
    .223rem for fox and target practice
    .260rem for long range varmint and mid size game
    .30-06 for all around deer hunting
    .300wm for long range deer hunting
    338wm for large game hunting
    9.3x62 for driven hunt and large game hunting
    .458 Lott for the fun of it and dangerous game (which I doubt will ever happen)
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    Cz 22lr-vermin
    semi custom remy 22/250-fox
    steyr 6.5x55-deer
    steyr 308 -deer
    sako L61R 270 -deer
    These are already in the safe

    To add ~
    Fac semi auto 12
    410 pistol
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    .22 finnfire.
    .243 T3 varmint just for foxing.
    .30-06 T3 lite with a bell and carlson stock.
    Hopefully a 9.3x62 based on a PH action Lother Walther heavy sporter barrel on a walnut stock( when all the bits come together) work in progress ;-)


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    .22 Finfire for rabbits/vermin
    .222 Tikka 595 stainless laminate for foxes /small deer
    .243 Tikka T3
    .270 Sako 75 S/S
    3006 Parker Hale
    Might reduce it down a bit to make room for a lever action at some point.

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    .22 air rifle
    .22 Rimfire
    .243 Remington
    .270 Krico
    .308 Sako
    .375 H+H Remington
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    6.5 x 58 r
    8 x 60 JRS

    I feel I have all possible bases covered with the above though opinions will vary of course. Its a good job they do otherwise the SD Forum would be short on debate

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    Having said that I feel sure I could find a use for a svelte little 7mm Stutzen somehow!!!, Oh and also maybe a .470 NE double rifle and perhaps a .270 for a bit more reach..

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    Rabbits and plinking- .22lr
    Plinking and fox (when I find someone down here who doesn't like foxes)- 357 Mag super carbine
    Everything else, UK and otherwise- 45-120 arriving shortly

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