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    H and H

    Nice one John, like you I can but dream, but if I win the lottery the money is as good as spent?

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    Interesting Video John, if I won the lottery do you think they would make me a matched pair of Stainless steel synthetic Royals.


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    I`m not sure they would lower themselves to that Thar
    That would be nearly as bad as asking them to make a Blaser
    Seriously though, I think for the right money, and someone had the right money to spend, they would make you anything.
    I have handled the 700 express they make, and what a beauty,18lbs in weight, but handles as lovely as one can expect for a rifle of that weight.
    But @ 75 a round and 105k PLUS 40 k for the engraving on it,it was slightly, out of my league.
    Their shotguns are a dream to use, well the ones I have shot,would love a pair of 20`s if ever I was in the position to buy them without hassle of bankcruptcy,divorce etc etc.

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    It makes you realise just why they cost so much!

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