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Thread: DSC1 Cirencester

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    DSC1 Cirencester

    Is anyone out there going to the DSC1 course at Cirencester the last 2 weekends in March? I'm booked in for it so was wondering if anyone from the forum was going too.

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    Hi Spider,

    I took the level 1 course at the RAC about 5 years ago, it is a good venue and the instructors were excellent. Good Luck. Ian

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    I did mine there at the end of October last year. Excellent course. You'll have a good time.

    I might be there when you guys are doing your shooting test in the second weekend at Severnside.

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    did mine last week at higher church Farm Somerset, it was a great course and the course providers were excellent!

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    I did mine with Tim at Higher Church Farm Somerset in 2008, very good.
    Spider72 if you want to borrow the book then I am only in Rowde if that helps.


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    Thanks Les,

    I've got the book and am wading through it!! It seems that I may need some swotting sessions before the course begins! Any help greatly appreciated.

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