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Thread: Shotgun Wanted.

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    Shotgun Wanted.

    I can't face another year of embarrassment turning up to the pheasant shoot with my trusty old single barrel, Investarm. . . Admittedly it sports a beautifully finished MDF stock, stunning engraving depicting a lurcher hot on the heels of a buck, and blueing which suspiciously resembles black hammerite, but it's time for an upgrade.

    It pains me to leave such a sought after gun in the cabinet but needs must. .

    Therefore I am now on the hunt for a shotgun. .
    I am quite specific about what I'm looking for. . . not !!!

    1) It must be cheap.
    2) It must have two barrels.
    3) It must be safe.

    In terms of looks and gauge. . . I couldn't care less.

    I'm happy to buy outright, or swap / help someone out with their L2

    All sorted now, thanks to everyone who PM'd me.
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    See my post for Miroku 20g....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malxwal View Post
    See my post for Miroku 20g....
    Looks like a beauty mate, but it's around 750.00 above my target price.
    The truth is I hardly ever have a shotgun in my hand, but just feel I should maybe try and find something a little more respectable this season

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    I've a few old Sbs non ejectors kicking around if you fancy something cheap cheap but 2 barrelled.

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    I've got a Rizzini 12g over and under multichoke that you can have. PM me if interested for a photo and price (it's cheap)

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    I know of a multichoke Baikal going cheap cos its a right handed gun and the fella is a left hander

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    I have a 12 bore o/u in nice nick, I had to rescue it for a guy who was abroad and his certificate had expired........

    Having gone to a lot of trouble to prevent him and his wife from prosecution you would think he would pay his bill........100K a year tax free in Saudi, he can't be short of a bob or 2 me thinks

    A year on he is still to pay his bill and storage fees are mounting..

    So if I dont hear back from him shortly .....I may give you his gun just to piss him off
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    Guys, thanks for the offers and PM's. . . I'm now sorted out with a decent over and under which should spare my blushes for this coming season.
    Whether I can actually hit anything with it may be another story
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    I Maybe a bit late for you now, but I will be selling my Beretta 686 Onyx (Sport R/H) shortly (only to upgrade to a another gun I want)..if your still looking, please feel free to get in touch.

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