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Thread: Kahles helia S 6x42

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    Kahles helia S 6x42

    Kahles Helia 6x42 for sale , just got it back from Kahles as it had a misting problem and it came back in top notch condition with a few marks on the tube but mainly fitting marks , Glass is clear as day.

    The Scope has a lifetime warranty .

    450 or o.n.o or swap for a newer scope .

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    Hi Tully -- Why ever would you want to sell it? Perfect for a lightweight setup! -- You'd have to go a long way to find a better scope for similar money.


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    I do like the scope but to be honest at the moment I havent the money to upgrade it , I do fancy something newer ,

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    is the scope still for sale, do you have pictures

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    Hi, isthis scope still for sale and if so what reticle is it fitted with?

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