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    letter of permission

    I have a closed certificate at present for a .22lr and a .243, I have sent my certificate away for variation to obtain a .17hmr and a .308, when i spoke to the FEO today she asked for a new letter of permission from my landowner, the land is currently cleared for .308, it was cleared last year when i originally applied, is this normal to provide a new letter, he probably wont mind but I can see if I keep pestering him for more letters he might see it as easier not to bother at all,

    regards Mike

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    Can't undertsand why you would need a new letter. If the land has already been signed off by an FEO, then it should have been logged against your name, and details such as rated calibre and conditions i.e. high seats only for .308 will be logged. Well thats what the procedure is with TVP - l've had to give my FEO the address details of all my bits for this purpose...

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    I wouldn't have thought so,assuming its for the same reasons as youv'e already been given permission to shoot ie for deer then no and if the land has been cleared up to .308 can't see the problem might be worth talking to BASC,i'm sure they'll tell you not to give them any more written permissions anyway.If youve put in for boar they may want something for reason but it shouldn't matter now anyway as it should be any other legal quarry.
    ATB Neil

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    It depends though - if the original permission letter from the landowner, (maybe the police 'approved' form that came with your application?), stated the calibres that it was agreed you would be using on the land, (.22lr & .243), then it would need to be updated to reflect your variation. It would just be box ticking for the FEO/FLO to keep it all sweet.

    Another reason to keep any permission letters as open as possible i.e 'any legal calibres' and for 'all lawful quarry', rather than tie yourself down and regret it at some future date.

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    I agree that this sounds a bit too beuraucratic if you already proved your permission just a year ago, but the police will have taken advice from their police solicitor (who as a race hate risk!) and will have been told that checking the permission again is necessary because the permission could have been taken away since your FAC was granted. Obviously, this is crazy because permissions come and go, and nowhere do the Firearm acts require you to show that you have good reason to possess the firearms at every single minute that you hold the FAC. I expect many people will have not had formal permission to shoot at one time or another, especially if you buy shooting on a daily basis, the point is you need to show good reason to get the FAC in the first place and generally need to be able to show that you have both a reasonable expectation of going shooting (the intention) and the reasonable means of doing so (the ability).

    Trouble is, if you don't produce the paperwork, at best you'll delay the application and at worst, you'll be branded as uncooperative which may be noted on your file. Once again, the legitimate firearms owner has to jump through hoops not intended under the original legislation.

    Make sure that when you get written permission this time that it states that "Mike R has permission to use any firearm on land at X", don't specify the calibres. If they insist on that, then make is say ".22LR, .17HMR, .243 and .308 rifles and such other firearms held by Mike R from time to time".

    Oh, and a final thought: take a bottle with you when you go to ask the landowner!

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    MIKE R ,

    if your feo dave greenacre by any chance ? he was mine when i lived nr long stratton. just humour him and dot the eyes and cross the tees , and keep things simple , i have a fully open licience and he still wanted to see my permission letters !


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    cheers for the replies guys,
    i have asked the landowner to word the letter to cover any caliber that i may ever wish to own, i also asked for all large uk game and vermin species when i sent the variation forms off,
    lee, dave used to be FEO for this area but I believe that a young lady, louise i think has taken over, she's coming round for a chat and to look at my cabinets week after next,
    they have sent a copy of my old FAC back so i can buy ammo and to show the stalker on the estate where ive bought a 1/2 day next week, all very helpful just a bit slow, i guess they must get over run with variations, i hadnt really considered a variation i just sent my ticket in for change of address, and when i phoned to see if they had got it they asked me if i wanted any other calibers to save on future paperwork,
    ive also asked for the cert to be open, we'll see what that brings


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    Quote Originally Posted by MIKE R View Post
    i also asked for all large uk game and vermin species when i sent the variation forms off,
    Why not just ask for the largest principal species you currently shoot i.e. deer and 'any other lawful quarry'? You're covered for everything then and it ties in with the 'new' condition that has been recommended to all police forces by ACPO FELWG. If you have an open cert and ever get the chance to shoot anything other than the 'large UK game', (BTW are deer game?), you'll be covered.

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