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Thread: Ltl acorn 6210M MMS settings for Orange /EE

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    Ltl acorn 6210M MMS settings for Orange /EE

    Not sure if anyone else has had any trouble setting up the MMS on the 6210M, but after a bit of juggling here are the settings for an EE simcard (oh and make sure the sim has some credit on it.....)

    MMS status - VGA
    Pic / day - 0 [zero]
    SMS remote - 0 [zero]

    URL - http://mms
    APN - everywhere
    Gateway -
    Port - 8080
    Phone [Your desitination phone number]
    Email [Your destination email]
    everything else blank

    That should get it working (did for me) - fanny around from that point forward. MMS seem to take a wee while to come through so be patient when testing....ahem.

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    Do you pay per text picture that the camera sends too you? When I first got a trail camera (before I really got to grips with the fieldcraft element of setting it up) I got hundreds of pictures of rats at night and pigeons during the day. I wouldn't have wanted to be paying 60p each for them!

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    Not sure yet. Bunged 10 quid onto the card and that gives 10gb or so. I think it goes on data allowance...i think

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