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    aga royal value

    It,s a bit random i know but, I bought a house a few weeks ago and the only heating in in was an aga royal solid fuel rayburn with a back boiler. I have taken it out and its in the way. Everyone keeps telling me its worth selling but i cant find out what its worth. Prices on ebay go from 100 to 500 and i cant tell the difference. Any ideas how to get it valued or shall I just stick it on ebay?

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    I got 600 on Ebay (starting bid 0.99) for a reasonably tidy oil fired one a few years ago, solid fuel ones sell well too. The key thing that I did was quote a delivery charge, many people are lazy and just say "collect only" and I am sure that's what puts many buyers off. Even from somewhere awkward like the Isle of Wight I was able to get a courier to collect and deliver the palletised stove for around 70.

    atb Tim

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    We are talking an oil Aga out tomorrow on a job. the house holder has tried to sell it but with no joy as no one wants the oil Aga's now so it will sit in a barn for a few years then most likely go for scrap .
    BIT of a shame really.

    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I'd have a go at selling it some can be converted and a new on is thousands of pounds. I made the mistake of asking the service engineer how much mine cost to run," pint of larger a day, well Stella" he replied that's over a grand a year.

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