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Thread: 7mm08 and Heavy Bullets

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    7mm08 and Heavy Bullets

    I've been thinking of buying some heavier bullets to have a play with and I've come across some 158grn Prvi GROM bullets. These are solid copper with a lead filled hollowpoint and sound quite good, though probably a bit pointless unless I ever end up shooting a wild pig.

    Here's some info on them

    Do you reckon these will be too long, especially being copper to get a usefull amount of powder in the short 7-08 case?
    Does anyone bother using heavier than 140grainers in their 7-08's or 7x57's


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    Hey Mick

    To be honest not even sure why we would. 140gr, is going to do the job and knock'em down with no worries and minimal damage.

    I have even thought about rolling back to 120gr, but when you look at the fps your up in the 3000 +. I figure more damage to the meat or the head flying through the carcass.

    But then again, mine is an Ackley Improved 19" Barrel.


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    I use 120 or 140 grain Sierras or 139 grain Hornady's in my 7mm08, they all do the job. For heavier bullets I use my .308 or .300 WSM.


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    good suggestion Muir.

    I have used this site many a time and the load if is damn good.


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    Maybe a reminder of the "birth" of the 7mm-08 and its current "sphere of use" might answer the poster's question?

    It is, no more nor less, apparently a means to get around the ban, in Mexico, on military calibres. Specifically the 7.62 NATO in its USA mantle of 308 Winchester.

    Which is why it is also popular in France.

    So if you accept 7mm-08 as basically a non-military version of the 308 you can judge it better. In other words it will work best with those bullet weights that also work best with the 308 Winchester.

    Too many think that because it is a cut-down 30-06 case that the 308 is somehow a "short" 30-06. It isn't. Because the case mouth is shorter. So it is not optimum for heavier and so longer bullets.

    And to get back to the original post neither is 7mm-08 a "short" 280 Remington or 7 x 57 for the same reason. If you want 175 grain bullets or bullets that are of the same sort of length as that they are a better choice! The copper GROM may also have issues because of the amount of bullet that protrudes back into the case even in the weight you mention.
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    I load 100gr, 140, 150 and 175gr Sierra's in my 7mm-08. It loves em all!

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    Enfield Spares: Maybe I'm a bit thick but I don't see the point in your post. I don't think a 158 grain is too heavy for the 7-08. I have shot 168's in the 7-08 and 175's in the 7x57. If these 158 grain bullets will fit the throat of the 7-08 in question why shouldn't he try them? Can you clarify? ~Muir

    PS: Hodgdon lists loads up to and including 175 grain bullets for the 7-08
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    Thanks for the replies gents. I noticed Hodgdon do show loads for the heavier stuff and the velocities dont seem too bad either. I guess if the bullet fits the throat of the cartridge and doesn't compress the load then all should be okay. 175grn does seem heavy though, wonder what the trajectory is like


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    Maybe I'm a bit thick but I don't see the point in your post. I don't think a 158 grain is too heavy for the 7-08. I have shot 168's in the 7-08 and 175's in the 7x57.
    The point is that the cartridge is designed to be at its best with 140 grain bullets. Same as 308 was designed to be at its best with 144 grain bullets.

    That you can load heavier isn't being questioned. You can load a 200 grain bullet in a 38 S & W revolver - we British did and called it the 380 Mk I. But velocity was abysmal at much over short distances and trajectory like a rainbow as simply there was not enough room for enough powder for a decent initial "oomph" or to do it at anything less than borderline maximum loads.

    The same with 160 grain and 175 grain bullets in the 7-08. There is not enough room for enough initial "oomph" AND you are using maximum loads to even get much above 2400fps with the 175 grain. Indeed some of those loads in shorter barrel rifles will not be "deer legal" in Scotland in velocity terms. They struggle to even approach the velocities of the old 303 Mk 7 in a No4 or SMLE with the same bullet weight.

    Now good as it was the 303 fell out of favour as a stalking round not just because it wasn't chambered in fashionable rifles but because at longer unknown distances bullet placement became imprecise as the trajectory curve was so steep compared to rifles with a muzzle velocity of 2,700 and above.

    You can't get 2,700 and above in a 7mm-08 with any 175 grain bullet weight load that I would consider safe or sensible.

    And with the 160 grain again you will struggle to get above 2,600 fps in a 7-08 with a barrel under two feet. The case capacity just is not there unlike in a 280 or 7 x 57.

    The reloading manuals may say XXX but the chronograph doesn't support it always.

    I think that if Mr Mick the Brick wants to use nominal 160 grain bullets or heavier in his 7-08 he will be disappointed in its performance. Especially if it has a short barrel much less than two feet.

    Using anything a 175 grain bullet (or a nominal 160 grain) in a 7-08 is not much more than duplicating (at near maximum load pressure) standard load pressure 303 performance!

    Wonder what the trajectory will be like with a 175 grain in the 7-08? Think probably as bad as the old 303 Mk 5 "Jungle Carbine"!

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