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Thread: Watching Red Deer

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    Watching Red Deer

    I have just been watching a group of Red Deer approx 3 miles from my house, I spiker stag and 17 mixed hinds and calfs.

    This is the second time in two weeks i have seen a lage group of Reds.
    and only 1/2 mile from the land i have permission to shoot.

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    Big bag of carrots.....

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    Sounds like you need to do some gentle persuading of them then - I'm sure you could push them that 1/2 mile!

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    well thats what i call a deer mum what a bummer situation !

    you never know your luck though mate they may just poke their necks out in the wrong place !


    ps , harry does your mrs know about that reloading kit yet ? lol

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    ssshhh, you'll land me in it! Not yet...

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    Yes Mick Carrots sounds like a plan
    Lee you could be right and i hope i will be there if they do.
    Harry did you get the .243 reloading kit on here seem like a good bye.

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    Yeah got the one in the classifieds section. I was lucky I happened to look about 10 minutes after he posted it and jumped on. I think there was a lot of interests. Kind of puts a stop to going to Newark though.

    So are the farmers where the reds are hanging out not approachable? Maybe they need pointing out how much damage a mob or reds could do...

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