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Thread: nikon Monarch 3

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    nikon Monarch 3

    Im selling my nikon Monarch III 6-2450 sf it is 7 months old I hardly used them , im selling it due to been offered a night force from a friend at a good price so I can't resist. The sight are in mint condition it comes with 2 more extra sets of turrets and the box it comes with everything as it did when I first brought it new , its are cracking long range sights even at full mag its very clear and with the side focus its brilliant , its got a cross hair with a dot so brill for longe range
    Price 350 . Or I mite consider doing a swap for the scope for another becausee my 243 needs a decent scope. Cheers
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    Is this on or 2 scopes? you mention it and them!

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    No I'm onlying 1 scope I wish I had 2 beacause its a cracking scope

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    Hi Matey, just a polite heads up but these are 425 posted new on the bay through the Sportsman GC at the moment

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    Ok cheers for that mutley I never really checked how much there going for cheers for by the looks of it I had my ear bit on that

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    Ok bit a a change make me a good offer not a stupid 1 or any 1 fancy doing a swap I could make it up abit if its any more

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicky-hoskins View Post
    Ok bit a a change make me a good offer not a stupid 1 or any 1 fancy doing a swap I could make it up abit if its any more
    What sort of thing are you after Nicky?
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    Any thing really aslong as its about 12 to 16 mag maxs and about 50 mil lense and its ir with nice cross hairs so its good for lamping and stalking I'm happy really or it depens on what u got really

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