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Thread: Anyone a Spalding Wildfowler?

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    Anyone a Spalding Wildfowler?

    Myself and 3 friends have just joined, I wondered if anyone on here is a member?

    Went for our first recce yesterday evening. I know the tide was wrong, but we wanted to see part at high tide. Turns out we parked in a local dogging car park and got checked out by the police on our return, thankfully we don't look like doggers apparently, so all was fine!

    Just looking for someone to pass on gems of knowledge like that - forewarned is forearmed!!

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    I was a member many years ago, had some great flights on pinks , watch out for Seals as they can be very interested in your dogs !!Some of the members were greatand helped ,some were less than friendly to "outsiders", till you're confident stick close to the sea wall and try not to arrive late .

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    Thanks for that. I met one or 2 at the Midland GF and they seemed pleasant, I have some numbers of the voluntary guides and will take them up on their services soon, but sometimes its nice to get a feel on your own and not burden people, but at the same time I don't want to p**s any off!

    A question, if I may - what is 'arriving too late'. I know the best flights are when a low flooding tide coincides with dusk/dawn, but what sort of time is it 'normal' to arrive? Last night we parked at Hare & Hounds around 1645 and walked along the sea wall (is it a wall there, its more of a big grassy berm!) and saw what was about (it was a recce as much as anything) and high tide was 1745 with sunset 1905. We saw some mallard and then teal and widgeon were flighting along the main river channel, outside of where we were sat.

    The last thing I want to do is annoy people, but I also appreciate we have so much to learn! A good book or an instruction manual may help, but even then I get the impression I may die before I know enough about wildfowling!

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    I used to arrive very early to ensure i was far forward enough on the green marsh to stand a good chance of being under the flight lines of the fowl but you had to be very careful of the tide heights ,the comment about being late relates to a friend of mine who got to the car park at the crack of dawn and managed to walk past at least 12 other fowlers already on the marsh as the duck and geese were flying -nearly ended badly when we got back to the car park.

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