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Thread: MTC Optics Rapier 2 OLED Rangefinder

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    MTC Optics Rapier 2 OLED Rangefinder

    After looking around a bit for a rangefinder, I decided to look at the Midland Gamefair.

    There were 3 on offer, but my budget did not stretch to the Zeiss one. That left Deben/Hawke and the MTC one. There were all 3 models of Hawke on show and 2 did not work as advertised, not a great advert. Bushnell were not offered anywhere as far as I could see, and I was keen to get one at the show as I have been toying with the idea for a while.

    I then stumbled on the MTC Optics stand and their very helpful staff, who showed me their new Rapier 2. It looks good and I walked away with one, they had a good show offer price on and did military discount too, bonus.

    Early impressions are it is very good, I have had a few outings and plays, I'll report back in a few months as to how I get on with it. The OLED is much better than those on offer with LCD displays, although at the moment I cannot make it dimmer, even following the instructions on their website and in the instructions.

    As to why it has a speed mode I have no idea, but the instructions say it is to keep the engineers happy!

    Anyone else got one and have any thoughts?

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    had one for the last few months small compact and it works not had eney problems diming the ret onley gripe is glass is not the best under poor light my eyes can see the target but using rainge finders hard to pick up but for fine weather they are better than some and not had to keep pinging the target one press rainge shoot so cannot complain better than gestimating the rainge

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