Well turned up on Sat am weather was pretty poor but the fair was very quite, really disappointed that Zeiss and Swarv no longer have stands, no Ladds or Riflecraft either, Air Gun expo seemed to be lacking.

I spoke to several traders who have always been at the MGF and they were all seriously thinking of calling it a day and will go to the Shooting show instead.

Once the MGF was the country show to go to, sadly no more, 300 mile round trip and 18 to get in so I think that could be the last time I will attend.

On a positive note the CIC measuring tutorial on the Shooting times stand was excellent and very informative, many thanks to the CIC team for their time and effort. Bandits 2002 head made gold, one of my heads when measured by me under suprvision was a very good bronze (but could not be official scored as only a few weeks old, my other was also needs a bit more drying).

Anway three SD members now have considerably more insight into the correct way to measure a roe head.