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Thread: Burghley Herd?

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    Burghley Herd?

    Not sure if/how true this is, but I have heard rumours floating around none stalking friends that the entire Burghley herd is to be culled and replaced?

    What would be the reason for this and is it a common occurence? Does anyone know if it is true? I doubt it is something they would openly advertise.

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    Hi Karl,
    We used to supply machinery to these, they trade as the haverholme farm partnership, I have a number if it helps?

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    Confused me to start with, but this was to my other thread! Yes please, a number may help - I can but ask.



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    Mate was head keeper there and another couple of lads I know cull and larder there .i know they have culled hard in the past I will ask the question .Norma

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