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Thread: Manipulation - Surely Not??

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    Manipulation - Surely Not??

    Back at the beginning of July whilst traveling on a country road late at night I came across a section of the road which was badly flooded with water pouring from a burst water main. I phoned Police Scotland and the following morning the water board were out sorting the leak. I have no doubt the involvement of the Police was for a civilian to make a phone call to the water authority. This morning I get a phone call from Police Scotland doing a survey on my satisfaction of the Police Service based on that matter. Yes I was satisfied - waterboard contacted, leak sorted. Last question "How satisfied are you with Police Scotland?" They must have forgotten that since the water incident I have had my quad bike stolen and have reported a poaching incident where the Police were less than helpful. Got me thinking. Glowing report through selective surveying I think.

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    I think it's also known as massaging the figures
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Police need to adhere to VCOP, (victim codes of practice). . . Meaning victims, or as it appears in this instance someone who has had cause to call the Police, are called back to check if they were satisfied with the service and to update them as to how things are, or more likely are not progressing. A number of years ago it was discovered that victims of crime were not overly impressed that after having reported a crime they never heard another peep about it. . VCOP was introduced to remedy this.
    As things do in the Police it has evolved somewhat and now also serves as part of a satisfaction survey.

    It's another example of completely needless red tape and form filling. . . If the powers at be actually employed enough Officers they might actually have the time to treat victims properly and make some sort of concerted effort at actually solving crimes.
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    If you get asked to complete a further survey in the coming months then this would show all calls to the switch board are treated with the same follow up. If this doesn't happen, then the figures may be being manipulated as you suggest. Time will tell!

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