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Thread: Benelli M2 Black Synthetic 12 gauge. 28" barrel. FAC 4 shot magazine

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    Benelli M2 Black Synthetic 12 gauge. 28" barrel. FAC 4 shot magazine

    Bought last Autumn from Greenfields of Salisbury. Fired less than 250 cartridges. I just don't use it and want to upgrade my scope! As new condition as you would expect. Looks like a non FAC version which is what I wanted as I couldn't see when I would need more than 4 cartridges in the magazine. A longer magazine tube could be fitted if required I'm sure? Comes with the pastic carry case, chokes, spacers and all the other bits and pieces it was supplied with. 850 ono. Face to face or RFD as required. Obviously a space for it on your FAC will be required.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Any chance of some pictures?

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    I will try to sort some out in the morning. It is this one though.
    No visible difference to this one and no one except you would know that the magazine holds 4 cartridges.

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    What scope are you looking for?

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    If this is a 3 1/2" chamber gun, the Proof House do not class it as an FAC because, although you can load 4 shorter cartridges into it it is not deigned for this, only for 3 x 3 1/2". Load 4 and get caught and you've got problems.

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    p.s. I have a magazine extension in my cabinet, (cheap), if your buyer is putting it on an FAC, and if he's rich, because 3 mags full is a box of cartridges!!!

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