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Thread: 308 load question

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    308 load question

    Someone else's loads but thought I would throw it out there for discussion

    Norma once fired brass
    FL sized to just close bolt dimension
    150gr Priv (seated to cannula)
    43gr N140

    first time shooting a custom target rifle
    Madco Barrel on Wichita receiver

    slight sootiness on shoulder

    no my first thoughts are:
    hard cases - unlikely as they are once fired and I use Norma because they are softer
    low charge - also unlikely as 43 is well up the charge range
    wondered if the chambering could be designed around a thicker neck? (not had a chance to measure anything yet)

    no overly concerned as there is a clear obturation line and no other under/over pressure signs


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    I had something similar with 150gr and PPU cases with 43gr N140. I ended up using 44.5 gr N140 and the snootiness disappeared.

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    Push it harder.

    Could well be low pressure due to either a modest charge or light neck tension.
    43gr is in the low end of the scale in my experience with N140 (and the viht manual), even with std lengths, and of course not all bullets are equal in geometry.

    In respect of next tension, perhaps measure some brass before and after sizing then again post seating.
    A quick google will give you a range of opinions on suitable neck tensions.

    Either way I'd say you are good to increase load in safe increments.

    Incidentally, I think you mean cannelure, a cannula is a form of IV drip.

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    I shot 2 boxes of privi .308 factory ammo in a rifle I used to own and they all came out like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milligan View Post
    Incidentally, I think you mean cannelure, a cannula is a form of IV drip.
    I do
    bloody auto correct!!

    plan on pushing harder but these were quick and easy plinkers for the purpose of getting her shooting

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    I get similar with all those components with the exception of the bullet. I find I get a good group at around 42.5 gr but with sooting, however around 43 I loose accuracy which then returns at around 44gr. If I remember correctly all my 150gr loads shoot well at 44gr with the exception of Hornady 150gr interlock. Which shoots ok and will kill deer but is obviously not as good as some others.

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    Could be wrong as not there to see .
    You can drive a .308 hard around 47.3 n140 2815 fps with a SPBT Or faster if you have a sense of adventure ! , your 43 gives 2600+ fps ish, i run my 150s at 45gr clean 27+ out of my sako and with no blacking, go up in .5's slow and it hopefully will stop . as you say you hav't had the time to get measure them yet try both prep'ed unloaded case , loaded and fired case see what you find, think they need a bit more go go juice.

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    Despite what Viht's data says, 43gn N140 with a 150 is a very light load especially in Norma brass which has more internal room than most. Depending on its age / lot, the cases may also have thin neck walls - I've seen them (Norma) not much above 0.012" whereas Lapua runs at 0.014-0.016" likewise some other still heavier cases. This increases the chamber clearance around the neck and which when coupled to a low-pressure load allows gas and fouling back to the shoulder area.

    If it shoots OK and does the job, don't worry about it. The barrel will last forever at the pressures and throat temperatures this'll produce.

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    Its low pressure, with that combination your about 1200 bar below the p-max at saami loadings

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    If you have access to a Lee Factory Crimp Die, it is worth a try. The solution to my case blackening was deeper seating of the bullet and a crimp. I didn't need to change the load at all.

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