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Thread: Do you ever....

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    Do you ever....

    Catch yourself sitting there drinking beer and wondering where it came from or for that matter why on earth you started drinking on a "school night"?

    Just occured to me that I've just had 4 bottles of San Miguell which I dont particularly like. I just wish they were Erdingers or Abbot Ale


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    Red face

    that is one serious problem
    atleast i know what i am drinking and more so why??
    just i hav no idea when to stop

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    I wonder! What is worse, not knowing when to stop or not knowing why you started?Was told we've got a bit more work coming up so I think I'm letting off that bit of tension that's been building up......for SIX MONTHSCheers


    Oh and I've been invited stalking again on Sat so here goes!

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    I sometimes look at the glass of wine/beer/cider in my hand (not all mixed together!), ask myself why it's there on a 'school night', and quickly answer my own question:

    "'cos of the f***ing day I've just had!"


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    When l was a student (yes l know - non-tax paying scrounging git) that spent all peoples taxes. I was in the Rugby Team and it was 'the law' that you should be out as a team drinking at least three nights a week (it was more like 5) anyhow, half way through the year there was a point in which l sat there thinking that l had broken my drunk valve as we'd been drinking Vodka and it no longer got us drunk till we had drank a litre or so, and 15 bottles of Bud/Becks/Stella didn't even touch the sides.

    There was one occassion which caused a few of us to stop drinking for a few months - the summer break!! - Then it all started again (3 years this went on) then we graduated. My doctor on returning home told me to not drink a thing for six months straight as l'd near ****ed my Liver and it had to recover (well l was a shade of green constantly).

    Cant drink for Sh8t now and the guys l stalk with drink so much Scotch like its water and i'm on my weak lager!

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    4 bottles........unless they are the real big ones......the your a light weight........he says tucking into a bottle of red 2 glasses......oops......finished.

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    Ya out again... last week you forgot your sticks, the week before it was your sling, what this week, your gun!

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    I'd reply to that by text but at 10p a go I cant afford it!


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    Dai Iown The irony of calling an alcoholic drink Brains......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch View Post
    Not a good thing, thinking. Its Brains you want!

    Its Brains I've had too. A tidy pint it was.

    Just realised, it wouldn't be stalking without SA.

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    sa would that be the old skull attack

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